Our Story

Where does the woman who desire stunning clothes and spectacular accessories go to find styles that highly influence the way she feels about herself?
Where does she go to shop and find an eclectic mix of fashion styles that will have everyone asking where she found her latest treasures?
Elevating women’s fashion sense was a driving force when I started Imagine This Boutique in 2003 as a traveling boutique. It was never easy, but it was my way of easing into creating a business focused on women.

Welcome to Imagine This Boutique
where we showcase the essence of style for today’s woman.
Founder and owner, Loretta Shiver Neal’s desire to curate stunning apparel and spectacular handbags inspired her to take the traveling boutique to a brick and mortar storefront in 2015. Loretta, a country girl from rural Lower Richland County in South Carolina, takes pleasure in scouring major apparel markets in search of designers whose designs fit well with the women she serve.
There is no greater love than to share my appreciation of dressing our ladies and building self-confidence using fashion. Imagine This is a cheerful place designed for women’s pleasure of shopping. 
We understand the fact that "your look" establishes your acceptance. Have you ever heard the saying or praise "that girl was put together?" At Imagine This Boutique we help put women together “style-wise.”
So, speak softly, dress nicely and carry a “pretty purse.” We warmly thank you, our supporters!
Loretta S Neal - CEO/Chief Buyer